Chris's Story

I have spent years executing strategies and training myself on how to bootstrap and accelerate the growth of businesses through digital marketing efforts.

With massive success in the Sewing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner Retail industry, I specialize in using digital marketing to drive people to selling events, e-commerce, and lead generation for myself and my team.

After selling the Sewing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner business I moved into full time agency services helping with done-for-you Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies with some digital marketing services wrapped around those strategies. I also provide consulting and education on digital marketing to my clients to help them grow with their own teams and strategies.

Chris enjoys spending time lifting weights, reading, Snowboarding, and traveling.

We Have Come A Long Way

From an early age, I knew I wanted to build a future for myself helping people while creating freedom for them and their families. I worked long hours at a retail store to put myself through college with a side hustle running an E-bay store and eventually finished with top honors and several degrees. My career thus far has been lucrative and exciting, but getting back to my roots and helping everyday people find business freedom through marketing services has been a real dream come true.

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